Capacity, lithium ion battery energy and power


A lithium -ion battery capacity and specific capacity
Battery capacity is the discharge capacity under certain conditions can be obtained from the battery , the theoretical capacity of the actual capacity and the nominal capacity.
1, the actual capacity is discharged under certain conditions , the actual release of the battery charge . The actual capacity is always lower than the theoretical capacity.
2, rated capacity is in the design and manufacture of the battery, under certain provisions of the battery discharge conditions should release the minimum amount of power .
Different types of rechargeable battery capacity is not the same , in order to separate cells and nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium comparing introducing specific capacity concept. Than the capacity per unit mass or volume refers to the given battery capacity , said the mass ratio of capacity or volume capacity. Wherein the battery capacity is positive ( or negative ) capacity. The battery , through the positive and negative charge are always equal . Therefore, the actual working capacity of the positive electrode used in the control of the entire capacity of the battery , and the negative electrode excess capacity .
Second, the energy of the lithium ion battery and the specific energy
The battery under certain conditions of external work energy that can be called the battery's energy output unit generally represented by Wh .
1, the theoretical energy : during discharge of the battery in an equilibrium state , the discharge voltage holding force ( n ) value, and the active material utilization rate is 100 %, the output energy of the battery in this condition is the theoretical energy (Wo).
2 , the actual energy : the actual output of the battery discharge energy is called the actual energy.
Energy per unit mass or volume of a given battery , the mass ratio of said volume ratio of the energy or energy , also known as energy density. Specific energy can be divided into practical than theoretical specific energy and energy . According to the theoretical weight ratio of the energy of positive and negative poles of the active material than the theoretical capacity and quality calculating the electromotive force . The actual specific energy is the energy of the battery mass ( or volume ) ratio of the actual battery output .
Third, the lithium- ion battery power and power ratio
Battery power is the system under certain discharge , battery energy output per unit time (W or kW). Specific power is the power per unit mass or volume of the battery output . Than the size of the power , which means that the size of the lithium battery to withstand the operating current .
With the transparent battery manufacturing process , the lithium -ion battery manufacturers will increasingly ingredients as the core secrets , because from the selection of materials, processing to a reasonable mix contains too much effort and technical personnel , the same material , some manufacturers use up particularly well, some manufacturers trouble abound ; some manufacturers use high-end mid-range of materials can be made batteries , while some manufacturers are using the best materials made battery appalling ; basic knowledge of ingredients on the ingredients you can let everyone understand more, go to some detours ; but the level is limited , it is inevitable omissions , we hope criticism. We also expect serious study , honest communication, bold innovation, unite and jointly promote China 's lithium-ion battery production levels at work .




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